Cure Cracked Heels Very Fast, With This Powerful Treatment

In the accompanying, we will introduce you how to cure broke foot sole areas quick, and in just couple of days they will be delightful once more.

first step: treatment with warm water

– Two spoons of preparing pop;

– Two spoons of salt;

– pumice stone;

– Lukewarm water;

Pour tepid water in a tub and include the salt and preparing pop. Blend it well and splash the feet for fifteen minutes. From that point onward, applaud dry the feet and rub them tenderly with the pumice stone to dispense with the layer of dead skin.

second step: Scrub

– Sugar;

– Two spoons of oil;

Include the sugar and oil in a bowl and rub the blend on your rear areas and feet delicately for five minutes. From that point forward, wash with plain water.

third step: Moisturizer

– Oil;

– some flame;

Include the oil (two spoons) and little bit of flame in a precarious bowl. Put the fixings in heated water so they will liquefy and abandon it to cool. Apply the cream over the base of the feet and cover them with socks.

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