Even If You Do Not Believe It, There Is A Way To Know If We Have Negative Energies In Our Body With A Simple Egg

Even If You Do Not Believe It, There Is A Way To Know If We Have Negative Energies In Our Body With A Simple Egg

Our grandmothers always told us that we should be careful with the evil eye , because there are people who simply have a too heavy and negative energies that can harm us. The vast majority of the time we end up ignoring them because at first, that does not make sense, but it turns out that over time we realize that there is indeed something that disturbs us and we do not know exactly why. There are several ways to detect if we have some type of evil eye and today we will talk about one of them whose main ingredient is the egg.

The egg as well as being a protein-rich food can also help us discover if we are carrying negative energies and if there is someone specific who wants to harm us. All you have to do is follow the instructions that we will give you below and observe the result.

Trick with an egg to discover if we have evil eye


-A white egg
-A transparent glass of glass with water
-Two or three pieces of sea salt

Take the egg and pass it all over body , from the head to the feet. Try to have a clear mind and be alone in your house while you perform the ritual. Then, you take the glass with water and you add the salt, you wait for it to be diluted so that later the egg can be split and poured into the glass . Observe well the form that appears, depending on your appearance, you determine what you actually have:

Many bubbles that rise to the beginning of the water: This means that you have accumulated too much negative energy in your body and it seeks to get out in some way.

Red spots in the yolk of the egg: It means sickness, you must be careful with that and look for the way to go to a doctor.

The face of a person: It may seem crazy, but if you notice that the shape of the egg resembles that of a person, it means that it is that subject that seeks to harm you.
Forms of threads or needles: Reflects the envy of people and their true feelings towards you.

Many bubbles: This is a clear sign of evil eye. It is possible that you notice too many bubbles, forms of spikes and that the egg is heated inside the water.
Without form but your pains are alleviated: As it is expressed, perhaps the egg does not have any form, but soon after you split it and put it in the water, your pains dissipated and the stress went away, maybe you were too loaded.
Coiled figures: Represent the physical discomforts that you have felt and that in turn you have completely ignored.

The yolk floats: The normal thing is that the egg goes straight to the bottom, but when it stays floating it means that someone has made you some kind of black magic witchcraft.


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