Symptoms Of Stress: 21 Ways In Which Your Body Affects (And Sure Not Noticed)

Symptoms Of Stress: 21 Ways In Which Your Body Affects (And Sure Not Noticed)

If your life is something hectic and you always pass from one side to another, it is very likely that stress is a characteristic that accompanies you every day, after all, it is a defense mechanism that the body has in situations that detonate a state of alert and you can, somehow, escape the emotional danger you face. Although it is a biochemical response of the body, stress can affect the body in different ways and many simply do not notice this fact, therefore, we must know what their symptoms are.

In itself, the signs that tell us that we are right in front of a stress situation can be confused with symptoms of other diseases, but when these are presented concurrently we should not have the slightest doubt that it is stress and we have to try to avoid it and relax for the sake of our health. If you have any of the following symptoms, the ideal is that you take the necessary precautions to not be stressed all the time.

21 symptoms that occur when we have stress:

-Hair loss
-Constant chills
-Body tingling
-Sensation of dry mouth
-Sleeping problems
-Deficit in memory
-Cold sweating
-Shortness of breath
-Sudden emotional changes
-Constant diarrhea
-Prolonged weakness
-Muscular and joint complaints

Why is stress caused and what are its consequences?

As mentioned previously, stress is a defense mechanism of the body, this makes it release adrenaline and cortisol , in addition, increases glycerin and makes the fat to become energy, of course, only when we do not stress frequently . The latter hurts us because it can make us suffer from severe nervous problems .

The depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety, panic attacks and hormonal changes . Also, the physical transition that occurs is serious, because rashes, herpes and dermatitis usually appear and there is no way to cure quickly, often leave many marks and there are risks of irreparable changes in the physical aspect of the dermis.

Is there a way to avoid stress?

Of course, the chances of cure are increased according to the lifestyle you have, that is, if you have a good diet, you exercise constantly and you try to clear your mind, the problems related to stress will diminish until little by little disappear. Perhaps you will feel the sensation of suffocation in the future, but it will not last so long, nobody is immune to the events of life.

Remember that you must also express what you feel and not hide your feelings or thoughts, do not allow them to stay stuck inside because that makes you much more harm. The problems have to be faced and the best way to do it is by talking, accepting and moving forward.

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